Newspaper Ideas

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I choose to expand on the Newspaper/ Pamphlet idea, in which I gained inspiration from the research I did on 19th Century Design and Dickens House Museum, in which I looked at the type posters, newspaper articles, handwritten letters, booklets and illustrations. I was particularly interested in thinking about the traditional looking typography, such as Caslon, Georgia, Didot etc, in which I   mainly focused on serif fonts. I choose to experiment with Adobe Caslon, as it is a clear, clean serif font, with strong contrast between strokes. I thought it had a very traditional look at would fit in with the design of the period effectively. However I would want to experiment with a range of fonts to move ideas further.

I also thought about incorporating patterns and illustrations within the design, in which I incorporated rough sketches surrounding and interacting with the text to embellish and show the ornate themes within the design.


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