Questions and Answers

We had to fill out a range of questions to establish what our concept was about and how we were going to move forward in producing it:

Write a sentence that explains your message

Our message is to commemorate and inform visitors/fans when they visit the 40th Anniversary at Dickens Museum.

Write a sentence that explains your concept

Our concept is to focus on the characters. The characters are about the real life people that were written in Dickens novels reflecting from his own life. Every character has their own story and reflects an aspect of Dickens life.

Write a sentence that explains your audience

Our audience is Dickens fans and visitors who have previous knowledge of Dickens works and life.

What colours relate to the concept?

Colours that relate to the attire and era of the time the novels were written. E.g. Victorian times. (Browns, creams, laces)

What typefaces relate to the concept? (no more than 2)

We have chosen two serif typefaces which relate to the time era and are similar to the typefaces which already appear on Dickens Novels.

Orpheus Pro (

Narziss (

What size relates to the concept?

22cm x 14.5cm

We have looked at making it the same size as the original Dickens novels but the size is too small and inappropriate for what we propose to make.

What texture relate to the concept?

Its hard to think of a texture that can relate to characters do we’ve decided to go back to looking at Dickens novels and have come up with:

clothes textures

Victorian fabrics

faux leather

What style of illustration relates to the concept?

Hand drawn sketches

What type of photography style relates to the concept?

Filtered photography (Yellowy, brown, scratches and dust filters)

What is the actual content?

A fact based book about the characters involved. Names, illustrations and a little bit about the character and the novel they featured in.

At the back of the book, information about the anniversary at the museum.

Any music/sounds?


Any movement?



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