Design Museum Brief

The Design Museum Brief is about exploring new and unconventional materials and techniques, in which to create innovative and original design work.

The first part of the brief involved visiting an exhibition at the design museum. We went to Unexpected Pleasures: the Art and Design of Contemporary Jewellery. The Contemporary Jewellery Movement involved moving away from conventional and traditional materials, such as gold and diamonds, and started to look at how a range of different materials could be used to create interesting objects. There were certain aspects we had to think about while we were there:

  • Name of piece
  • Artist
  • How it is worn
  • Interesting Facts
  • Materials
  • Techniques and Processes

We had to choose three pieces to analyse, in which we then needed to create one board. This had to include:

  • Visual Data (photos and drawings)
  • Written Data (includes critical and analytical reflection)

These were the three objects I chose:

I then need to do some research into the processes behind each object.


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