These are a list of resources which I explored while thinking about the representation of women for my essay:



Beauty Advertising

I decided to explore beauty advertising, as I though it would be a diverse area to think about, in which I would look at, how women are presented in the advertisement’s themselves, the social context of the advertisements (values, how women were viewed, expectations, feminism etc.), how technology has influenced how women are represented, such as digital enhancement. These are the adverts which I found:


Gender and Advertising

After thinking about the areas of advertising I wanted to explore, I thought it might be an interesting area to explore women’s roles within the media. The type of areas I considered were:


Essay Ideas

Here are some ideas for what I could compare and write about in my essay, in which I thought about the type of subjects and items which interested me:


Ideas for Manifesto

While looking over my research into manifestos, I realised that there were certain themes and ideas that particularly inspired me. For example:

  • Emotion – the methods in which this can be communicated, ideas about evoking an emotional response in an audience (how complex emotions can be explored to communcate on a deeper, psychological level).
  • Considering how each aspect and fragment works in a piece, carefully, in order to create something that is consistent and works together effectively.
  • Meanings and interpretations from individuals (how we all think and feel differently, how culture and society can influence us). More

Manifesto Research cont.

After looking at my initial research I wanted to explore manifestos that I could relate to, or feel more of a connection with, the ideas being displayed. While I was also interested in looking more at avant-garde and modernist movements (after my reflections on them in my other post). More

Manifesto Research

Here are some general manifestos that I have found influential, in terms of structure, subject or theme:

In An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth by Bruce Mau, I liked how Mau presented the structure, in which creating a numbered list, as I thought it allowed him to separate his different points and ideas clearly, in which it made it easy for the audience to read. While it also gave the reader clear pieces of advice. Furthermore, I liked the range of advice he gives, for example: More

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