Final Ideas

After reviewing the ideas which I experimented with in my previous post, I decided that the smaller squares could be more effective in the design, as it could link better with the chess ideas, as it looked more like a chess board than the other designs. Also I thought it was more distinctive than the other designs as the smaller squares seem more striking. Also I decided to use the Veteran Typewriter font, as I thought it reflected on the themes of the film more effectively. In this designs I looked at the placement and size of the typography: More


Cover and Typography Ideas

These are the illustrations which I produced, in which I looked at placement of my drawing on the cover and how typography could be implemented in the designs:















Developing Ideas

From my initial ideas I was particularly interested in developing the third idea, which portrayed a chess board effect covering Oldman’s face. I decided to initially start by looking at how the design could work on the Little White Lies cover:


Initial Ideas

In order to begin the process of the type of ideas I wanted to explore, I decided to look at the themes which the film explores. Initially I found it difficult to think about anything which I could communicate visually. I listed the main elements which I thought were interesting and important to the film:

  • Setting –  set in 1973, the main premise of the film is that the protagonist needs to uncover a Soviat spy within MI6. The film explores the journey, which he takes, to find out the truth. The film used a lot of browns and greys which created quite a dark and dreary landscape, which emphasised the ideas of deceit, betrayal, suspicion portrayed in the film.
  • Style – the film contains quite a sharp focus throughout, which creates a harsh feeling to the piece. This is only emphasised by the bright spot lights that often feature in the film, which produce quite long and dramatic shadows. The film also has a very slow pace to it, in which
  • Themes/ genre – thriller, mystery, drama, spies, suspicion, betrayal.


Research- Little White Lies

To begin this project I decided to first gain an idea about the type of work that Little White Lies magazine already produce for their cover illustrations. I decided to visit their website, [link], I noticed that there were a wide range of different techniques and styles that the illustrators have used to convey their ideas about the film they are representing. This allowed me to think about how I could experiment with different materials and mediums to display ideas,  while also considering the way I could portray the themes of my chosen film.


D and AD Student Awards Brief

I was given a selection of briefs from the D and AD Student Awards 2012, in which I was required to choose one to work on and complete. After looking through the different briefs which displayed a wide range of design options, I chose to do the Illustration Brief to Create an original cover illustration for Little White Lies magazine. I thought that this brief was most suited to my skills and interests, in which I liked the idea of creating something artistic.


The Brief

For the next stage of the assignment we created smaller groups, in which to work on one of the briefs that everyone had written.


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