Background: Body and Container

I decided that I wanted to have paper and card textured backgrounds to the pages as I thought it would give it more of a sketchbook feel. More


Responsive Elements: Rollover Images

For the home page I realised that the paint palette was not suitable on smaller screens as you wouldn’t be able to see the information on the artists. Therefore I decided to use three different images, which I think work well on each screen size. I tried to make sure that each image would be clear to read on each different sizes.


Icons and Images

Character Images

I decided to incorporate some character images which will explain what each page is about, as I thought it would help the user understand the function of each page. On the home page I decided to use the pencil with this speech bubble which highlights use of the paint palette. I have used the pencil painting images for the sketch page, as an illustrative item. More

Quiz Page: Interactive Quiz


I found it difficult to find the exact script which I wanted to use. But I did find this and I thought that it worked simply and effectively for what I needed:


Sketchpad Page: Interactive Canvas

HTML 5 Canvas Tag

For my second page I wanted to incorporate this sketchpad as I thought it would tie in effectively with both the hand drawn theme and child friendly interactive qualities I wanted to produce in the website.


Home Page: Interactive Elements

Paint Palette

For my first page I have designed this paint palette image to use as a background for the rollover images:


Initial Stages: Header and Navigation

Header Designs

I have created header designs for each page. I decided to make the images in Adobe Illustrator, in which I wanted to create this sketch/hand drawn feel. More

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