Children Illustration Research

I decided to do some brief research into children illustration, as I wanted to look at styles which are popular. I have collected together work which I liked, while also thinking about how these styles incorporated the theme of sketchbook/ handdrawn qualities. I noticed a range of black and white sketchs, while also watercolour/ coloured pencils; all of these techniques and mediums give a soft texture to the pieces which I found appealing, and could be worth emulating in my own designs.



Further Research

While thinking about content for my website, I collected together some thoughts which would link to the handwritten/sketches theme which I had chosen:

  • Illustration/art portfolios
  • Storybook – each page has an image which when hovered over displays text and extra image pop ups (making it interactive)
  • Comic Strips
  • Children – learning, tree of knowledge? interactive, play, pop ups, character icons

Much of my research previously has been looking at illustration/art portfolios, however I was interested in expanding my ideas particularly in the direction of creating something for young children. I decided to conduct more research in websites aimed at children, and features I could experiment with and include in my ideas: