Final Ideas – Dream Website and Book

These are my final designs:

I used the same black and grey colours within my website and book to reflect on darkness. While I also used the same font; Ostrich Sans Medium and Bold, I liked the long and narrow structure of the typography, in which I liked how it almost disappeared within the background, reflecting on the ideas of being hidden. More


Development – Narrative and Layout

The next stage of my idea process was to consider the narrative and layout of my website and book, and how they would interact with each other.


Final Composition – Stop Motion

I have compiled a final storyboard of the composition:







Initial Ideas – Images

After looking through my research, I wanted to include certain elements in my designs: More

Colour – Stop Motion

I also decided to introduce colour within the piece, in which I decided to use the ‘Hue and Saturation’ filter in order to experiment with trying out a range of colours and strengths for the images. I thought that it would be more effective to use colour on the software compared with producing it by hand, such as experimenting with using a range of colour intensity. More

Book Design Research

I decided to look at some books in which I could gain ideas and inspiration for layout and design. I wanted to research ways in which the design and structure could relate to the subject of the book. More

Website Research

I decided to look at minimalist websites, as I wanted to explore the large expanse and depth of the mind, in which I thought large, empty spaces would communicate this effectively. Also I thought it would create an idea of darkness and feelings of loneliness, in which to display the disturbing nature of our minds (as seen by Freud).  More

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