Here is a list of the tasks fulfilled by each individual within the group:

My Contribution:

  • Content
  • Mock ups
  • Layout Design
  • Final Design

Rahul Patel:

  • Floor Plan idea (decided not used in final designs)
  • Printing

Rachel Philogene:

  • Illustrations 

Zoe Todd:

  • Presentation 

Siobhan Whittington:

  • Presentation 

Overall I think that the project went well, we produced something which fulfilled the requirements of the brief, as well as having a clear concept for the brochure. Also the client was enthusiastic about our final design. However there were some issues within the group, particularly in terms of work spread across the different members. We found it difficult to stick to the plan we had made originally, for each individual, due to unforeseen circumstances, as well as not having the means to meet up regularly, to discuss the work and make sure everyone was on task. Personally, I found myself doing a lot of the design work, from producing content (as part of showing our concept) to the final layout designs. It took up a lot of my time, but it has taught me that I need to be more assertive within a group; instead of taking a lot of the work from people, and doing it all myself. I need to push people to do their tasks, or make sure that the work is distributed fairly.


Restarting Group Work

Original Concept 

Characters is about the real life people that were written in Dickens novels reflecting from his own life. Every character has their own story and reflects an aspect of Dickens life.

After meeting back as a group, we decided to look over our previous notes, and we were able to think of more ideas about how we could develop our concept further:

Revised Concept 

The characters are tributes to the qualities or characteristics of the rooms. A different character will represent artefacts in each room. They are connected with the house, and become a guide for the museum.

Concept Board:

Revised concept board