Initial Logo:

HR logo

This is the logo I made for my advertising poster. I used the idea of train signs, with the use of the silhouetted train.







Train Signs:

train signs

I based these designs on the old British Railway signage. I thought about how these could be used for a masthead, as well as the arrows being used for navigation in the magazine.



Developed Masthead:

heritage logo 1

I thought about how text could be included on the signs. I decided to use Gill Sans, as it was the typeface originally adopted for British Rail.



Final Masthead:

final logo

This is the final design for the masthead. I decided to change the colour, as I thought the green wasn’t as aesthetically pleasing, in which it didn’t fit in well the black and white photos. I thought the blue had a softer tone.


Design Development and Experimentation

Experiment 1:


Unexpected Pleasures: Research

After deciding which pieces I wanted to explore, I produced three drawings:


Responsive Elements: Rollover Images

For the home page I realised that the paint palette was not suitable on smaller screens as you wouldn’t be able to see the information on the artists. Therefore I decided to use three different images, which I think work well on each screen size. I tried to make sure that each image would be clear to read on each different sizes.


Icons and Images

Character Images

I decided to incorporate some character images which will explain what each page is about, as I thought it would help the user understand the function of each page. On the home page I decided to use the pencil with this speech bubble which highlights use of the paint palette. I have used the pencil painting images for the sketch page, as an illustrative item. More

Sketchpad Page: Interactive Canvas

HTML 5 Canvas Tag

For my second page I wanted to incorporate this sketchpad as I thought it would tie in effectively with both the hand drawn theme and child friendly interactive qualities I wanted to produce in the website.


Concept Development

After figuring out which concepts we wanted to explore we then needed to come up with some sketches. We each worked individually on the concepts. These were my ideas: More

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