Content and Navigation

Idea 1

From looking at the train maps I collected, I have started to produce some ideas for how the imagery on the contents/navigation could work. I have put together these ideas, thinking about how the lines could show the different sections of the magazine (Headlines, News, Features etc.). To separate these sections I wanted to colour code the lines, in which later I would put a key showing which colour corresponded with which.

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Idea 2

I looked at experimenting with the shapes and structure of the lines to reflect on the curved lines within the maps, I previously collected in my research. On my last design I manipulated the lines to form an image of a steam train. However I didn’t think that they would be very clear on the contents, as well as for my  navigation.

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Idea 3

I decided to incorporate the streamlined effect of my first idea, with the curved lines from my second idea. I thought this made the design easy to navigate, as well as incorporating the map feel.

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Final Idea

I thought that this was most effective design in terms of clarity, and the ease in which to space my content. I have used these small dots to show each page for the articles, as if they were stations on a route journey.

content pg