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I decided to look at train magazines, as I am quite interested in the idea of journeys and how to communicate them. These are three magazines I chose to look into, but I was particularly interested in redesigning Heritage Railway Magazine, as I thought there were more problems with this magazine, in terms of its design, as well as its inability to really reflect on the journey and experience of travelling by steam. I thought that Hornby magazine had some interesting aspects, particularly in its use of black and white photos.

Heritage Railway Magazine

Hornby Magazine



Materials and Processes Research


computers, fridges, microwaves, cars, coins, power cables, electric wires, plumbing fixtures, water pipes, brass furnishings

Raw Material
Only found in small quantities around the world. Found in distorted masses and crystals. Well crystalised specimens are much sought after.

Unusual uses
Copper has been used for sculptures, and water features as it doesn’t corrode in water or air. Also it has been used to make reliefs.

It’s colour ranges from copper-red to brown. Tarnishes green, sometimes blue, brown, red or black. Second best conductor of electricity after silver. More

Board 1: Unexpected Pleasures

This is my initial design for my first art board:

Design Museum: Unexpected Pleasures research


Further Ideas

To think about some more ideas about Cameron I decided to look at some articles:







Newspaper Ideas

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Penguin Books – Research

From my research into the typeface, Gill Sans, I found that there were and are many ways which it is used. However I particularly wanted to explore how it was used on the Penguin Books, as my main interests are in printed books, particularly cover design. I therefore decided it would be useful to conduct some more background research into Penguin Books.



Here is my presentation for the critique:

Creative Web Design Presentation

I have included ideas, research, initial ideas, technical considerations, and where I want to take the project. I think it has allowed me to collect all my work together, so far, in which I was able to reflect on  how all my research and ideas have progressed. While also thinking about how I can move on with the project.

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