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Heritage Logo and Front Cover


The Heritage Railway magazine reports on news related to the recent developments in steam train locomotives, and ongoing events on heritage railway sites. It has a range of articles and features; from concerns with penalty charges on tour firms, to individual experiences from steam train enthusiasts. It means that it can cater for a wide range of groups; from volunteers who work on the railway sites, to enthusiasts who will attend events and sites around the UK, as well as touring holidays in which to actually experience steam train travel.

The audience for the magazine is predominantly male with ages ranging from 25 – 34 years and 45 – 54 years, with an estimated market of 1,778. There is a very tight community within the readership, shown through the online presence of the magazine, with forums and pages where enthusiasts can share experiences and photos. More


Questions and Answers

We had to fill out a range of questions to establish what our concept was about and how we were going to move forward in producing it: More

Concept Development

After figuring out which concepts we wanted to explore we then needed to come up with some sketches. We each worked individually on the concepts. These were my ideas: More

Concept Generation

After brainstorming key information, we then needed to start generating some concepts. We split off individually to think of ideas. These were my three ideas: More

Content Ideas


In beginning this project I thought it would be a good idea to have a clear idea about what I wanted to achieve on the website. I decided to construct a plan, in which I have done some rough sketches to show what content I want to include on each page:


Reviewing Concepts

After presenting and submitting our initial work for the project, all the groups were told that they needed to go back and think about the development of concepts more carefully.


The Client

After putting some questions to the client there were some important consideration which we had to consider before moving on with the project. More

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