Storyboard – Balloon Adventure



Initial Ideas – Stop Motion

These are my initial ideas and drawings for narratives and concepts:

Idea 1

These are some rough sketches that I did, in which I wanted to depict a story about a balloon which goes on some sort of journey/adventure. I wanted to produce a clear narrative, which I thought could give structure to my ideas. Also I wanted to create something which is fanciful, to emphasis the whimsical elements that I liked in my research on stop motion.









I produced this rough storyboard of my balloon story, in order to gain a clear idea about how the story will flow and progress.





























Idea 2

This idea was far more abstract than my first concept. I thought about facial expressions, in which I wanted to experiment with how I could convey different emotions. Also I was thinking of experimenting with using real images of people’s faces and integrating those with hand drawn elements, as I thought it would give the piece contrasting items and be more visually engaging. These are my initial drawings: