Unexpected Pleasures: Research

After deciding which pieces I wanted to explore, I produced three drawings:



Design Museum Brief

The Design Museum Brief is about exploring new and unconventional materials and techniques, in which to create innovative and original design work. More

Questions and Answers

We had to fill out a range of questions to establish what our concept was about and how we were going to move forward in producing it: More

Further Ideas

To think about some more ideas about Cameron I decided to look at some articles:








Here is my presentation for the critique:

Creative Web Design Presentation

I have included ideas, research, initial ideas, technical considerations, and where I want to take the project. I think it has allowed me to collect all my work together, so far, in which I was able to reflect onĀ  how all my research and ideas have progressed. While also thinking about how I can move on with the project.

Type Crimes

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This is my presentation of my work on the assignment so far:

Gill Sans Presentation

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