Mashup Research

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Salt Letter Video

This is my salt letter video which I made:



We decided to divide our editing into three parts: Murder/flashback scene, Car scene, Street/House scene. We started with the murder scene as we thought that this was the main, significant event which features in the narrative, as it ties the whole story together. During our editing we decided to cut out the dialogue, as we didn’t feel that it was necessary to the narrative, and we thought that with just some audio music underneath, it would create more tension between the characters. Overall with this footage we didn’t feel that we needed to enhance any of the clips as we were quite happy with the quality and the original contrast of the clips.



After reviewing our script, we decided to divide our filming sessions into easily achievable parts, in order that we could complete all the required footage and have sufficient time for editing.

First Day

We decided to film the car scenes first, as we thought that these might be the hardest . We had to consider issues such as, the speed of the car, different shots and angles ( in which we had to be realistic about what we could achieve, while we also wanted a varied mix of interesting shots). We therefore tried shots within the car, while also experimenting with different ways we film the car. More

Genre Research

As a group we brainstormed ideas on the type of genre and story we wanted to produce for our narrative short. We decided to do a thriller genre piece, in which we wanted to explore the type of techniques and methods that are used within the genre. I therefore decided that it could be useful to collect together some research from both short narrative films and higher budget feature films to gain ideas, about the type of things that we could achieve and effective ways we could emulate the genre. Here are some clips which I found particularly useful:


Research – Stop Motion

After exploring Motion Graphic work on YouTube, I became particularly interested in stop motion work. Here are a few pieces which I thought were especially effective: