Final Composition – Stop Motion

I have compiled a final storyboard of the composition:








Colour – Stop Motion

I also decided to introduce colour within the piece, in which I decided to use the ‘Hue and Saturation’ filter in order to experiment with trying out a range of colours and strengths for the images. I thought that it would be more effective to use colour on the software compared with producing it by hand, such as experimenting with using a range of colour intensity. More

Development – Stop Motion

After creating the images for my stop motion, I needed to import them into After Effects. I made sure that the images were in the correct number sequence (some photos were deleted on the camera, while I was producing the series, which meant that not all the photos were in numerical order) If I imported the sequence without each image correctly numbered, it would cause the software to think that there were missing frames in the sequence. More

Stop Motion Images

To begin my stop motion animation I needed to start by drawing out my required images and creating individual photos of this work, in order to produce a series of frames for the animation. There was some issues with creating the images, particularly with the lighting Therefore I decided to use artificial lighting in order to keep the same consistency of lighting throughout the process. More

Storyboard – Balloon Adventure


Initial Ideas – Stop Motion

These are my initial ideas and drawings for narratives and concepts:

Idea 1

These are some rough sketches that I did, in which I wanted to depict a story about a balloon which goes on some sort of journey/adventure. I wanted to produce a clear narrative, which I thought could give structure to my ideas. Also I wanted to create something which is fanciful, to emphasis the whimsical elements that I liked in my research on stop motion.









I produced this rough storyboard of my balloon story, in order to gain a clear idea about how the story will flow and progress.





























Idea 2

This idea was far more abstract than my first concept. I thought about facial expressions, in which I wanted to experiment with how I could convey different emotions. Also I was thinking of experimenting with using real images of people’s faces and integrating those with hand drawn elements, as I thought it would give the piece contrasting items and be more visually engaging. These are my initial drawings:






Research – Stop Motion

After exploring Motion Graphic work on YouTube, I became particularly interested in stop motion work. Here are a few pieces which I thought were especially effective:


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