Here is a list of the tasks fulfilled by each individual within the group:

My Contribution:

  • Content
  • Mock ups
  • Layout Design
  • Final Design

Rahul Patel:

  • Floor Plan idea (decided not used in final designs)
  • Printing

Rachel Philogene:

  • Illustrations 

Zoe Todd:

  • Presentation 

Siobhan Whittington:

  • Presentation 

Overall I think that the project went well, we produced something which fulfilled the requirements of the brief, as well as having a clear concept for the brochure. Also the client was enthusiastic about our final design. However there were some issues within the group, particularly in terms of work spread across the different members. We found it difficult to stick to the plan we had made originally, for each individual, due to unforeseen circumstances, as well as not having the means to meet up regularly, to discuss the work and make sure everyone was on task. Personally, I found myself doing a lot of the design work, from producing content (as part of showing our concept) to the final layout designs. It took up a lot of my time, but it has taught me that I need to be more assertive within a group; instead of taking a lot of the work from people, and doing it all myself. I need to push people to do their tasks, or make sure that the work is distributed fairly.


Project Analysis


I found this project interesting as it allowed me to gain knowledge about Adobe InDesign, especially with the small assignments which allowed me to gain practical experience working with stylesheets, alignment, spacing etc. I also learnt a lot about how to deal with typography, in which we learnt about the construction of a typeface, how type works with each, identifying typefaces and eras, and how to deal with type. More

Developing Ideas

In developing my ideas I wanted to focus on the detail of the spreads; I also wanted to finalise content and make sure that the flow of the book would work. I wanted to create some consistency, while also making sure that each page and spread had an individual feel. In these designs I am still focusing on the covers, as this is a prominent part of my concept.



Here is my presentation for the critique:

Creative Web Design Presentation

I have included ideas, research, initial ideas, technical considerations, and where I want to take the project. I think it has allowed me to collect all my work together, so far, in which I was able to reflect on  how all my research and ideas have progressed. While also thinking about how I can move on with the project.

Final Ideas – Dream Website and Book

These are my final designs:

I used the same black and grey colours within my website and book to reflect on darkness. While I also used the same font; Ostrich Sans Medium and Bold, I liked the long and narrow structure of the typography, in which I liked how it almost disappeared within the background, reflecting on the ideas of being hidden. More

Final Composition – Stop Motion

I have compiled a final storyboard of the composition:








We decided to divide our editing into three parts: Murder/flashback scene, Car scene, Street/House scene. We started with the murder scene as we thought that this was the main, significant event which features in the narrative, as it ties the whole story together. During our editing we decided to cut out the dialogue, as we didn’t feel that it was necessary to the narrative, and we thought that with just some audio music underneath, it would create more tension between the characters. Overall with this footage we didn’t feel that we needed to enhance any of the clips as we were quite happy with the quality and the original contrast of the clips.


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