Restarting Group Work

Original Concept 

Characters is about the real life people that were written in Dickens novels reflecting from his own life. Every character has their own story and reflects an aspect of Dickens life.

After meeting back as a group, we decided to look over our previous notes, and we were able to think of more ideas about how we could develop our concept further:

Revised Concept 

The characters are tributes to the qualities or characteristics of the rooms. A different character will represent artefacts in each room. They are connected with the house, and become a guide for the museum.

Concept Board:

Revised concept board


Concept Generation

After brainstorming key information, we then needed to start generating some concepts. We split off individually to think of ideas. These were my three ideas: More

Reviewing Concepts

After presenting and submitting our initial work for the project, all the groups were told that they needed to go back and think about the development of concepts more carefully.



Here is my presentation for the critique:

Creative Web Design Presentation

I have included ideas, research, initial ideas, technical considerations, and where I want to take the project. I think it has allowed me to collect all my work together, so far, in which I was able to reflect on  how all my research and ideas have progressed. While also thinking about how I can move on with the project.

Typeface Research – Gill Sans

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Thinking of a Concept

In order to think about ideas for my self initiated project I began by considering the following:

What are my strengths?

Illustration – painting, drawing (mix media – digital and hand-drawn together)

What are my weaknesses?

Video and Motion graphics, photography

What did I enjoy producing last year?

Typography (emotional typography and expressive typography quotes), Illustration ( D and AD Brief ) Book (Dream book)

What possible areas do I want to explore in this project?

Illustration, digital painting, typography

What career path am I interested in pursuing?

Book illustrator


Design Agency Roles and Organisation

We initially began by creating job roles and describing the specialist areas, which each team member would be responsible for:


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