Advertising Posters

We were required to produce advertising posters to promote the redesign of our magazine (Heritage Railway). I decided to focus on the idea of nostalgia, as I thought this could be a strong concept throughout the project. It would allow the audience to connect with the experience and romantic qualities associated with steam train travel.

Within the design of the advert I decided to use black and white photos, in which I was interested in the idea of tunnels to reflect on the journey and experience while also the idea of a new chapter within the magazine. I decided to use the tagline ‘relive the past’, as I wanted it to convey how the audience would be experience memories from a bygone era within the magazine. These are my initial designs:

Final Poster:

I chose this design as I thought it best illustrated my concept. I also included a mock up of a possible logo design for the magazine:

final advert


Design Agency Research

In our second lecture we worked in our groups and conducted some research into the different jobs/roles within an agency: